Indoor Farming?

Produce commercial quantities of lettuce and leafy greens profitably to supply your city, province, region, state or country.

Cubic Farm System 

CubicFarms growing machines are designed solely for large scale commercial production. Cubic Farmers can create a reliable and consistent local supply of lettuce, herbs and microgreens for retail stores, restaurants, institutions and markets.

What Can Be Grow?

If it’s green and leafy, a CubicFarm System can grow it. We have access to thousands of varieties of lettuce, microgreens and herbs that thrive in our growing machines and produce quality and quantities that the produce market has never seen.

Lettuce & Leafy Greens

With literally hundreds of varieties available, a CubicFarm System can grow many different varieties in each growing chamber.


With 12 times the nutrients of mature leaves, microgreens are the next super food. 

Basil and Herbs

Cleanly grown in a CubicFarm System. We have hundreds of herb varieties available.

Maximizing Yield per Cubic Foot


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