LOHAS Community Program

New venture business that achieve triple bottom line in environmental, social and financial

New Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability

The program meant to addressing a growing demand for living with a reduced environmental impact. Increased consumer awareness of environmental issue has driven demand for green living, creating a new market segment within the housing and wellness industry.

Traditional, with Green element

This trend has been available only for higher-priced homes community; however, using the efficiency of modular/container construction. It’s not just offering a more affordable, but also offer a healthier indoor environment and a lower environmental impact when compared to traditional building.

Specifically, LOHAS program will reduce natural resource use and construction waste, increase energy by using solar panel and water efficiency by using technology on rain water collection.

The Largest Market you have never heard of

The above statement was published in the New York Times 2003. Since then researchers and consumer experts are learning more and more about this influential group. LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. It is not only a cluster of individuals, but also a definition of the market for products and services that these individuals prefer. The market consists of several different segments ranging from personal care products to organic food, to spa & yoga services, to fuel efficient cars, natural health products, to green building houses and much, much more.

The interesting aspect of LOHAS is that they are linked together not primarily by demographics, like age or income, but by their values and beliefs. In the US, Japan, Australia and in certain countries in Europe extensive research has been carried out in order to define and understand these people. The current estimate is that LOHAS consists of about 100 million people worldwide and that approximately 20% of the population in Europe and U.S. may be labeled LOHAS consumers. That translate into $230 billion in U.S. business market value and $546 billion worldwide.

Green Living

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