Wherever you are right now, we are wishing you well. We hope this letter finds you in a place of safety and health. Our thoughts are with those of you who may be unwell, anxious, or grieving during this time.

We wanted to share an update about what is going on with APPI and Coronavirus. First of all, mercifully, the team is all healthy here. There’s a shelter-in-place order for Hong Kong. However, we are the small part in the industry that still working and providing necessary supplies, such as hand sanitizer, personal protection equipment, and medical masks. As always we keep the standard high in quality and up most with our service integrity for the customers and clients in the communities all over the world. Since the outbreak in January we have been providing millions of medical masks and other supplies to places in needed. Luckily, that’s going well so far – we are able to keep everything running, and the team is working at full strength.

APPI mission is to develop sustainable projects with human basic needs including health and wellness. We feel that mission is particularly pertinent at this time. Our platform is able to provide access and distribution at a very large scale, so that’s what we will do with Coronavirus related matter until its gone and wish under control soon.

We have put together a catalog highlighting some products that meet the standards required by different countries. As always, we appreciate for those who helps in creating this catalog for people in need, especially the medical professional and personnel.

Download catalog here: APPI catalog

Finally, we are grateful for the important work that scientists, doctors, nurses, teachers, parents, and all others are doing at this time. Thank you from all of us here – we are proud you are our community. We’ll continue to work on our mission and wish you well over the next weeks and months. Please let us know if you have any thoughts about what else we can do to help.

Our best wishes to you all, and take care.

Ryo, Paul, Amanda, and the whole APPI team.