Urban Flex Home (UHF)

Urban Flex Home (UHF)

Urban Flex Home creates a sustainable, affordable and flexible housing program
Focusing the current US housing market where demand more than supply. Urban Flex Home (UFH) program is designed with all these factors in mind plus more reasons to develop into a “win win” business. By using factory build or sometimes call modular housing building method can reduce the overall price for a reasonable homes.
Brand-new lifestyle, Brand-new living Standard

The US housing demand more than supply, especially in the high job growth markets up and down the West Coast from Seattle to Los Angles and East Coast from New York to Miami. In addition to the shortage of supply, affordability in these major cities are very much out of reach to many home buyers, needless to say the younger workers, namely the Millenniums. More so to these Millenniums’ way of living also changing the traditional home buying in the suburb. Closer to work, concentrate of good jobs area, stuff to do around the city are few factors to these new home buyers. UFH using factory build or sometimes call modular housing building method to bring a solution to the society.


UFH aim of starting this business is to build and develop affordable homes and properties for all classes of people in the US, using prefabricated container to convert into modular home with latest technology.


Our goal is to become one of the best providers of modem single and multi-family housing at affordable price points in the US. We are well aware the proper development business requires a huge capital base, which is why we have plans for steady ow of cash from private investors who see the potential market opportunity for reasonably priced homes.


UFH will become a specialist in turning space into beautiful liveable environment for individual and families. That will be our brand and signature.


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